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The Boys of Summer :: World Series 2011

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Name:The Boys of Summer @ Dreamwidth
Location:United States of America
Website:Community Rules
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:This community is backup for the LJ community, just in case.
You like baseball? Great. You like fanfic? Even better.

This is [info]theboysofsummer, a community created to house and encourage the writing of baseball fanfiction.

Go for it. Pick your players, and swing away! Write it, read it, post it, share it.

Rules and Other Stuff That Has To Be Said:

  1. I reserve the right to change or update the rules at any time.

  2. All posts are friends locked. Membership is also moderated. You're free to post publicly here if you want, but the option of friends lock is there should you want to use it.

  3. If you wish to join the community, please send me a PM and then click join.

  4. This community will contain adult material. If you are underage in your particular area/community/state/province/country, please do not read any further. If you stumbled on this community by accident and you really shouldn't be looking at it please hit the back button now.

  5. If you don't like Real Person Fiction (RPF) or same-sex relationships beyond friendship, you won't like this community.

  6. Despite the fact this community is slash-heavy, het and gen are more than welcome here. Please don't flame community members who post het or gen and/or try to make them feel unwelcome for posting het/gen. If you post het or gen and get flamed for it, contact the mod and it will be dealt with.

  7. Flaming is unacceptable. Please report any questionable posts or comments to the mod. Constructive criticism is not flaming. Please know the difference before you ask a mod to intervene. If you go to the mod over constructive criticism you will be publicly shamed. Just kidding about the shaming part. But still. Know the difference.

  8. Do not delete or screen comments. If you have a problem with something someone has said, report it to the mod and she will take care of it. (This rule does not apply to comments left to fics linked from personal journals.)

  9. Please include headings and disclaimers on any fic that you submit.

    Par example
    Series(if any):
    Website (if any):

  10. If you are posting material that includes triggers, "squicks", and/or otherwise objectionable or questionable material (such as underage sex, character death, rape/dub-con/non-con/etc., homophobia, drug use, etc.) label accordingly so those who don't wish to view such material won't accidentally stumble on it. If you don't want to spoil the content of your story, you can use this type of warning:

  11. You don't need to label for het or slash. Since this community is welcome to both, listed pairings should be enough. If people complain about a lack of het/slash warnings in comments, contact the mod and she'll deal with it.

  12. Please LJ-cut all fic.

  13. Fic-related posts only, please! This is not a place to: post pic spam or icons (try [info]gayingupsports / [info]hot_sports_men or [info]baseball_icons for that), discuss the game you just watched, trade rumours, hot players, the World Series, etc. These types of posts will be deleted. Challenges, bunnies (story ideas), and baseball fic discussion / meta are welcome.

  14. You may post community promos to like-minded fannish baseball communities or RPF communities which are baseball-friendly. General baseball-related community promos belong in communities like [info]mlb or [info]baseball.

  15. If you have a long, multi-chaptered fic please do not post all the chapters to [info]theboysofsummer individually. Make a masterpost linking to the different chapters. Or if you absolutely must post all the chapters individually for whatever reason, please post no more than three chapters a day. Posting multiple chapters of a long fic (four or more chapters) in immediate succession floods the flists of community members who choose to view this community on their friends page.

  16. Posting non-baseball fic related spam of any kind (like so) is grounds for the deletion of your post and your immediate removal from the community. You may also be reported to LJ.

  17. Do not link to locked fic. Your stories should be available to the community at large. If you do link to a locked post, you will be asked to resubmit with a link to an unlocked post. If you refuse to unlock the post, your post will be deleted. If you later replace accessible content posted to [info]theboysofsummer with a link to a locked post, your post will be deleted. If you are trying to recommend a friends locked fic, ask the author if he or she will be willing to unlock it. If the answer is no, don't link to it. You are more than welcome to post publicly and then friends lock entries later, but please remove your posts from the community when you do so.

  18. Don't be a douche. Use proper netiquette with other community members.

  19. Please do not link to or share content from [info]theboysofsummer with the players or mainstream baseball blogs (Baseball Prospectus, Fangraphs, Deadspin, RiverAveBlues, MotownSports, etc.) via Twitter/Tumblr/email/blogs/links/websites/etc. Obviously, we can't know for sure if you're linking our content, but we would appreciate it greatly if you not do that. If it's discovered that you've shared content from this community with blogs or sites, you'll be removed and banned.

If you have any questions, contact the mod via rowdykylefarnsworth at gmail dot com.

The participants at [info]theboysofsummer intend no insult, slander, or copyright infringement, and we are not making any profit or financial gain. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the indivuals featured. These stories are for entertainment purposes only. (Disclaimer inspired by [info]highandtight.)

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